Virtual Sitting

Expand capacity of remote sitters with AI

See more, miss less: Increase your tele-sitter program's impact with the most advanced virtual observation technology today.

Enhanced monitoring capability

Safely expand your ratios

Leverage Ouva AI when expanding patient-sitter ratios to ensure safe observation and timely prevention of falls, elopement and more.

Proactive monitoring

Keep at-risk patients safe

Ouva's preventative monitoring for key safety events like falls and elopement reduce the workload for sitters. By guiding their attention to moments that lead up to a fall or elopement, sitters can safely manage patients.

Reduce alert fatigue

Automate alert management

Ouva clears alarms when help arrives. By eliminating the need for manual alarm management, you can save valuable time and reduce the cognitive burden on sitters and nurses.

Scientifically validated design.

Underpinned by a novel design process, Ouva is thoroughly validated through rigorous peer-reviewed scientific research. Through industry collaboration we have demonstrated that an inclusive stepwise approach yields substantial value by considering caregiver and patient values.

Building together

Leverage Ouva partners to develop comprehensive AI-powered tele-sitter programs.

Hospitals already invested into our partners can effortlessly deploy AI to boost their tele-sitter services. This powerful combination leverages the same infrastructure, while offering an expanded suite of monitoring capabilities.

Ouva Integrates with Caregility, Expanding AI-powered Virtual Care Across U.S. Hospitals

"We feel the urgency to alleviate nurse burnout immediately and are confident that our partnership will bring hope to a struggling workforce and a patient population increasingly at risk."

AvaSure and Ouva Partner to Integrate AI-powered Virtual Sitting Solution

"Together, AvaSure and Ouva are pioneering a new era of healthcare, where precision meets compassion, and where the virtual realm becomes an extension of our unwavering dedication to the health and safety of every individual."

One platform. Tele-sitter and more.

Get in touch to learn more about how you can deploy artificial intelligence to increase observer capacity and care quality without burning out your team.

Virtual nursing

Streamline nursing workflows with smart observation powered by AI.

Patient flow automation

Automate bed-readiness without visiting the bedside, take the weight off your staff.