Increase capacity with AI-powered patient observation.

Build high-performing teams with 24/7 access to bedside. Extend the reach of your virtual sitting and nursing programs with relevant safety and workflow insights on every device.

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Sustainable care

Build your AI-powered virtual care workforce.

Ouva increases the capacity and quality of hospitals to manage more patients with less resources, by delivering the power of AI to every caregiver, floor or remote.


Eliminate time-consuming bed visits

Replaces redundant observations (e.g. responding to false alarms, checking for bed availability) with live access to all beds from every nurse device.

Prioritize time with patients in need

Uses AI to guide nurse attention to patients that require most attention by analyzing patient risks and behavioral signals.

Improves workforce efficiency

Highlights department-level, evidence-based improvement areas to create a sustainable nursing workforce.

Scientifically validated design.

Underpinned by a novel design process, Ouva is thoroughly validated through rigorous peer-reviewed scientific research. Through industry collaboration we have demonstrated that an inclusive stepwise approach yields substantial value by considering caregiver and patient values.

Ouva is helping hospitals and virtual care partners worldwide.

Ouva is changing the caregiver experience worldwide. Solution providers also can leverage Ouva's developer platform to transform their offering with modern artificial intelligence.

A 1,000-bed medical center in the Netherlands automates patient mobility and injury prevention programs with Ouva to reduce excess days.

Why Ouva

Health systems that invest in virtual care achieve the elusive Quadruple Aim.

Improve nurse experience

Decrease operational & cognitive burden and increase patient time.

Improve outcomes

Increase care quality, reduce length of stay by decreasing complications.

Lower cost of care

Eradicate costly injuries, staff turnover, and resource utilization.

Improve patient experience

Enable more patient time with nurses and deliver personalized care.

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