Reduce excess patient days with AI

Ouva helps hospitals reduce prolonged patient stays with realtime, autonomous care coordination using artificial intelligence.

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Sustainable care

Ouva reduces burden on strained health systems.

Ouva AI takes repetitive manual labor away from caregivers by automating and orchestrating tasks with accountability.

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Ouva captures signals that lead to excess days and enables caregivers to act on them.

Decision support intelligence

Identify most critical actions in real-time. Automate and prioritize frontline care actions that affect the big picture.

Patient flow automation

Automate bed and resource management in real-time. Predict surges, delays and blockages in the care pathways.

Autonomous care coordination

Let Ouva coordinate staff for accountable and efficient workflows.

Operational insights and visibility

Understand long-term trends and identify areas of improvement to reach standard of care goals.

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Ouva is helping hospitals and solution providers worldwide

Ouva is changing the caregiver experience worldwide. Solution providers also can leverage Ouva's developer platform to transform their offering with modern artificial intelligence.

A 1,000-bed medical center in the Netherlands automates patient mobility and injury prevention programs with Ouva to reduce excess days.

Why Ouva

Autonomous healthcare future

Our mission is to reduce the strain on the health system by creating an autonomous future for healthcare.

More efficient care

Shorter stays, higher quality care, improved visibility into operation.

Higher Margins

Improved efficiency, capacity, outcomes affect the bottom-line.

Less Staff Burnout

Decreased cognitive burden, fewer surprises, more time with patients.

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