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Hospital intelligence platform that brings real-time visibility into patient care and orchestrates it with AI to make it smarter, safer and more efficient.
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Automate care delivery with deeper precision.

Ouva analyzes data from optical, biometric sensors and EHR using AI for operational excellence.

  • Prevent important issues and delays that negatively affect patient.
  • Precisely tune your operation for maximum efficiency and outcomes.

Operational Excellence Platform

Increase Care Quality

Improves the quality of care - patient and staff wellbeing, safety and hygiene compliance.

Higher Capacity & Margins

Improves patient flow and eliminates costly hospital-acquired conditions and errors.

Reduce Staff Burnout

Provides second set of eyes on every patient and eliminates operational burden.

Deliver care at scale.

Centrally monitor and guide thousands of patients and precisely tune your operation for maximum efficiency and outcomes.

Your infrastructure, made smarter.

Powerful solutions for the most critical care challenges.

Care Automation

Monitor patients, reduce LOS and increase efficiency.

Patient Assistant

Screen and guide patients, reduce time to appointment.

Radboudumc Partners with Ouva to Advance Remote Patient Care

Jun 15, 2020
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