Ouva Integrates with Caregility, Expanding AI-powered Virtual Care Across U.S. Hospitals

SAN FRANCISCO — Ouva, with its clinically validated AI-powered patient room observation technology, and Caregility, with its award-winning virtual care platform, have successfully integrated their platforms to enhance patient observation by remote caregivers and coordinate with bedside care teams to provide better care for patients in acute hospital settings. Health systems are struggling with staffing shortages and looking for ways to assist bedside care teams by leveraging artificial intelligence and empowered remote caregivers. This innovative combined solution helps health systems manage a high census of patients amid the growing staff shortage challenges. It promises to enhance patient safety, optimize workforce efficiency, and provide much-needed support to hospitals struggling to maintain quality care in the face of mounting challenges.

AI-Powered Virtual Care at Scale

With bedside nurses struggling to provide adequate patient care on their own, the AI-enhanced hybrid care solution is a comprehensive approach to bedside care with the addition of remote virtual clinicians and AI-assisted monitoring. The Ouva platform combines safety features such as fall prevention and elopement detection with a closed-loop system that recognizes when help arrives. The platform can assist nurse leaders in their planning of efficient bedside shifts by prioritizing attention and streamlining workflows. Additionally, the system supports recovery efforts with an early mobilization program developed in collaboration with Radboud University Medical Center. Finally, Ouva tracks every step of bed turnover, from admission to discharge, relieving nurses of this time-consuming task and providing a holistic approach that gives administrators a clear, big-picture view of their departments.

"Ouva was built from the ground up, over many years in care environments, with a deep understanding of the challenges faced by healthcare providers. We feel the urgency to alleviate nurse burnout immediately and are confident that our partnership will bring hope to a struggling workforce and a patient population increasingly at risk," said Dogan Demir, CEO of Ouva. "Our integration requires no additional hardware bedside, allowing us to swiftly deliver much-needed help across Caregility's impressive nationwide deployment base. We are excited and honored to be a part of this transformation, working together to drive this change and touch lives while rekindling the human spirit at the heart of healthcare."

"Ouva's approach to AI has been healthcare and clinically focused from its start over five years ago," explained Pete McLain, Chief Strategy Officer at Caregility. "Ouva understands that AI solutions should enhance and augment – not replace – care teams, and they have created a solution that identifies patterns in a patient activity that can help clinicians intervene earlier, provide better care, and improve patient outcomes."

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