Patient Flow Automation

Accelerate inpatient care flow with AI

Make more beds available, see more patients with Ouva's AI-powered asset, bed turnover and patient flow tracking.

Streamline bed turnover with precision tracking

Ouva tracks each step of bed turnover, from patient movement to EVS cleaning and more in realtime, ensuring seamless transition at every care stage.

Optimize equipment availability

Ensure the right equipments, like beds, IV pumps and more, are in place with Ouva's asset tracking system, reducing wait times, improving capacity and patient experience.

Building together

Effortless, cloud-ready, built for interoperability.

Ouva works on top of virtual care cameras, and is ready-to-integrate with previous generation solutions, like RTLS, making existing workflows smarter without any additional bedside hardware.

Ouva Integrates with Caregility, Expanding AI-powered Virtual Care Across U.S. Hospitals

"We feel the urgency to alleviate nurse burnout immediately and are confident that our partnership will bring hope to a struggling workforce and a patient population increasingly at risk."

AvaSure and Ouva Partner to Integrate AI-powered Virtual Sitting Solution

"Together, AvaSure and Ouva are pioneering a new era of healthcare, where precision meets compassion, and where the virtual realm becomes an extension of our unwavering dedication to the health and safety of every individual."

One platform. Flow automation and more.

Get in touch to learn more about how you can deploy artificial intelligence to reduce bed turnover times and increase care experience effortlessly.

Virtual Sitting

Expand capacity of your remote sitters with AI

Virtual Nursing

Streamline nursing workflows with AI-powered observation