Care Automation

AI-powered patient observation for the age of virtual care.

Unified platform for remote and floor teams to access critical data from the patient population in realtime.

  • 24/7 access to live patient data on every device.
  • Millisecond-level safety predictions.
  • Insights for top-performing workforce.

Eliminate time-consuming bed visits

Replaces redundant observations (e.g. responding to false alarms, checking for bed availability) with live access to all beds from every nurse device.

Prioritize time with patients in need

Uses AI to guide nurse attention to patients that require most attention by analyzing patient risks and behavioral signals.

Improves workforce efficiency

Highlights department-level, evidence-based improvement areas to create a sustainable nursing workforce.


Keep at-risk patients safe without redundant observations.

95% of nurse teams are understaffed. Ouva AI preventatively monitors for safety issues, and in case they cannot be prevented, detects them for early intervention.

Prevent falls

AI models built on proprietary dataset and detect falls.

Eliminate elopement

Know when high-risk patients leave their bedside without assistance.

Automated alert-handling

Resolves alerts when Ouva detects help has arrived.

Custom safety alerts

Pulling tubes, meddling with IV lines and more with minimal customization.


Help patients recover faster with Early Mobilization program.

Built-in AI-based Early Mobilization program developed together with a leading research institution in Europe, effortlessly guides nurses on recovery efforts.

Auto-categorize Mobility

Ready AI models understand if a patient is in bed, walking around or sitting on chair.

Track progress

Set goals and track daily progress, identifying which patients need help reach their mobility targets.

Custom quality metrics

Identify the quality of the movement, differentiating between wheelchair, walking with aids, speed and more.

Workforce automations

Tools designed to take the extra weight off nurses.

Nurses agree that patient flow is one of the biggest time wasters. Waiting for available beds, knowing when patients arrived can all be automated via Ouva AI.

Automate bed-readiness without visiting the bedside.

Nurses agree that patient flow is one of the biggest time wasters. Waiting for available beds, knowing when patients arrived can all be automated via Ouva AI.

  • Patient arrival and exit notifications delivered to all nurses automatically.
  • Early warnings guide your teams when patients have not arrived to beds assigned to them.
  • Set custom thresholds to adjust Ouva to your department targets.
  • Patient flow metrics, such as door-to-dispo, dispo-to-admit are more dependable with millisecond-level accuracy.

Learn more about Patient Flow Automation →

Establish best practices and standards for your workforce.

Let your team run more efficiently, knowing how they distribute work across patients. Use data to identify persistent challenges that impact patient satisfaction.

  • Know which patients take up more time.
  • Keep your nursing teams and leaders informed with data.
  • Help nursing leaders plan for efficient shifts.
  • Identify and auto-track improvement areas, such as reducing night wakings.

Building together

We partner with leaders of artificial intelligence to build breakthrough solutions.

Ouva is the fastest-evolving care intelligence platform and brings technology leaders and top healthcare institutions to build market-first functionality specifically for the needs of health systems today.

A partnership in synthetic data increases precision and reduces bias

We joined forces with Unity, the engine behind major 3D video applications, to bridge data gaps using computer-generated datasets.

Research shows value of stepwise design in digital health

Published on January 2022 in the peer-reviewed Value in Health journal on health economics and outcomes research, we co-authored the scientific evaluation of stepwise design in digital health.

"Ouva’s intelligent video analytics solution, powered by NVIDIA Clara Guardian, is making a real difference in patient care at this difficult time"

Raghav Mani
, Product Manager

We have partnered with Oracle to run our machine learning models on secure and scalable cloud infrastructure, supported by the stability of the Oracle's cloud platform.

Integrated & interoperable

Unleash the potential of your virtual care investment.

Integrate Ouva AI with major virtual care platforms, helping you transform your nursing and sitter teams into an AI-powered workforce.

"Ouva’s team of experts and advanced system design made it easy to integrate with our Caregility Cloud™ enterprise telehealth platform.”

Bin Guan
, Chief Product Officer

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