Smart Hospital Digital Signage

Voice-activated, contact-free personalized healthcare digital signage. AI voice assistant guides and informs patients at every step to improve patient engagement, communication, and access to care.
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Eliminate touch

Smart, voice-activated, touch-free Ouva assistant provides interactive wayfinding without risk of infection.
interactive screen showing route to garage after user asks with voice.

Intuitive Wayfinding

Smart Ouva sensors detect and recognize visitors and direct them to their destinations by personalized, turn-by-turn and memorable directions.

Connected, continuous journey.

All Ouva hospital signage are strategically placed at decision-making locations and communicate with each other to best direct visitors. Via Smart Recognition, Ouva remembers all conversations and provides immediate assistance intuitively.
Smart assistant showing patient they are close to their destination based on remembered interactions.

Smart features based on extensive research.

Giving sense of orientation
Memorable directions with landmarks
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Develop a unique identity
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Extend visual brand

Smart Messaging

Ouva takes care of the design worry from your operation. Just enter the content and the smart messaging feature will know how and when to display your message to improve patient communication.
Facility direction assistance continues from screen to mobile phone.

Continue Assistance on Mobile

Patients can also text any questions to Ouva Asistant for continuous assistance. Texting feature offers personalized private messaging via EHR integration to keep patients engaged and informed before and during their visits.

Simple Content Management

Ouva makes the lives of staff easier by providing an intuitive, clear and simple interface to customize messages across the entire facility.
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Measure the impact

Ouva dashboard provides realtime metrics that impact the patient experience such as patient flow, time to care and engagement. It generates actionable insights with appropriate course corrections to improve the efficiency of care and patient satisfaction.
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Wayfinding interruptions cost hospitals approximately $220K per year, not including negative effects on the patient experience.
* Devlin AS. Wayfinding in healthcare facilities: contributions from environmental psychology. Behav Sci (Basel). 2014;4(4):423–436. Published 2014 Oct 31.
savings per year

Evidence-based Outcomes

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Reduce time to treatment
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Save personnel time
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Improve patient satisfaction
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Improve access to care

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