Patient Care Automation

Real-time patient care automation with proprietary sensing and AI. Ouva keeps track of every step of the patient journey, generates actionable insights and alerts to improve quality and efficiency of care.
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Remote patient monitoring dashboard
Patient flow automation dashboard cart

Automate room turnover

Get live, step-by-step status updates of rooms, without any personnel.

Manage room assignment

Get notified as soon as rooms become available for new patients.
Automated patient room assignment
Patient flow delay alerts

Detect delays in real time

Get notifications when there is a delay in between room turnover stages.

Asset Tracking

Autonomously identifies equipment in the room and keeps track of them at all times.
Asset tracking

Guide to Implementing AI in Healthcare Facilities

Learn what it takes to use AI solutions to prepare your facility for the changing needs of healthcare in the next decade.
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Emergency alerts & reminders

Alerts staff member in case of an emergency and when the rounds are due.
Patient safety emergency alerts


According to a 2012 report by the Institute of Medicine (IoM), $750 billion of healthcare spending is wasted annually in the United States.
Generating 10% savings for a single hospitalist saves approximately $2.2B per year. *
* Whitcomb WF. Director, Mercy Inpatient Medicine Service, Mercy Medical Center, Springfield, MA.
savings per year for a 100-bed facility.
Remote patient monitoring dashboard home screen

Deliver care at scale.

Centrally monitor and guide thousands of patients and precisely tune your operation for maximum efficiency and outcomes.

Evidence-based Outcomes

Powerful solutions to the most critical care challenges.
Driven by smart infrastructure for entire patient journey.
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Improve efficiency and patient flow
Improve icon
Improve patient throughput
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Improve staff availability and satisfaction
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Improve care team communication

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