Virtual Assistant

Modern wayfinding solution for hospitals.
Smart and touch-free.

Screen, guide and help inside your hospital on smartphones and voice-activated displays.
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Interactive voice-activated screen showing way finding information at Medical City Spine Hospital

Path to treatment, automated.

Smart assistant automates patient wayfinding & admission process, reducing the need for additional personnel resources.
Screening, diagnostic, guidance, compliance.

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Eliminate touch with voice-activated wayfinding stations.

Did you know that bacteria survives for months on the surface of a dry touchscreen device? Infection-free interactive digital signage made possible by Ouva’s ability to engage patients and visitors via voice.

Visitor looking at interactive screen showing wayfinding directions at Medical City Heart Hospital.

Josh Kemph

"COVID-19 sped up the rollout and utilization of Ouva screens. It has cut down on the number of paper maps the hospitals print and time staffers spend giving directions."

Medical City Dallas Heart & Spine Hospital

Intuitive Wayfinding Application

Turn any screen into a smart wayfinding station with Ouva sensors that detect and recognize visitors, and direct them to their destinations with personalized, turn-by-turn and memorable directions.
interactive screen showing route to garage after user asks with voice.

Smart navigation.
Backed by extensive research.

We designed a unique wayfinding approach after months of research and interviews. Click to learn more.

Interactive indoor wayfinding route


  • Sense of orientation
  • Memorable landmarks
  • Unique identity per space
  • In tune with physical brand

Navigate on mobile

Scan the QR code on screen, or visit the facility link to take the power of complete Ouva intuitive wayfinding with you, on the go. No app needed.
Mobile wayfinding application with search and route display on smartphone
Automated text message from Ouva to patient with interactive wayfinding directions

Automated text with directions

Integrate Ouva with your ADT feed, or connect with our APIs to automatically text patients interactive directions to their appointment.

Smart Messaging

Ouva takes care of the design worry from your operation. Just enter the content and the smart messaging feature with AI will know how and when to display your message to improve patient communication.
A message showing COVID-19 protection guidance overlaid the map.
Interactive screen assistant asking COVID-19 survey questions.

Screening & Compliance

Reduce need for 24/7 staff by self-screening visitors and ensuring compliance throughout facility.

Design services, included.

A digitized indoor map of a hospital

Send us your plans. We will take care of it.

With a mix of AI and tons of experience, we will digitize your indoor navigation using industry-wide data standards.
Wayfinding expert working on indoor map design.

Expert wayfinding design

We will work with you to identify the best locations and landmarks, so you can make the most impact.

See it in action.

Evidence-based Outcomes

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Reduce time to treatment
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Save personnel time
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Improve patient satisfaction
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Improve access to care


Wayfinding interruptions cost hospitals approximately $220K per year, not including negative effects on the patient experience.
* Devlin AS. Wayfinding in healthcare facilities: contributions from environmental psychology. Behav Sci (Basel). 2014;4(4):423–436. Published 2014 Oct 31.
savings per year

We have you covered.

Our suite of reliable service and management solutions empowers facilities with a great service experience.
Photo from Ouva turn-key installation service

Chuck Coryell
Executive Director

“[Our] customized engagement went from concept to go-live in less than 120 days which is a testament to the Ouva teams’ exceptional talent and our own project partners. The primary feedback is ‘wow.’”
Memorial Care Miller Children's & Women's Hospital Long Beach
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Manage content via web

Display engaging messages across the entire facility using an intuitive, clear interface.
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Measure impact with data

Get realtime metrics that impact the patient experience such as patient flow, time to care and engagement.
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24/7 remote monitoring

We remotely monitor and service any infrastructure with our in-house tools, so that IT teams spend virtually no time on maintenance and updates.

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