Ambient intelligence for Healthcare

Monitor patients, reduce LOS and increase efficiency at deeper precision.

Decision Support Intelligence. “Sixth Sense” for clinicians.
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Remote patient monitoring dashboard

Health care is changing.

Is your infrastrucure ready?

77M older population
25% intensivist shortage by 2030
100K+ healthcare workers infected

Do more with less.

Ouva, for the first time, combines data from optical, biometric sensors with EHR to create an incredibly precise picture of your care operation in realtime. It builds on the power of the state-of-the art, proprietory visual intelligence to deliver a digital footprint of the end-to-end patient care journey.
Remote patient monitoring pipeline
Remote patient monitoring dashboard home screen

Deliver care at scale.

Centrally monitor and guide thousands of patients and precisely tune your operation for maximum efficiency and outcomes.

The Benefits of Ouva

  • Decrease LOS
  • Reduce Cost of Treatment
  • Increase Patient Capacity
  • Increase Patient & Staff Satisfaction
  • Increase Quality Ratings
  • Reduce Staff Burnout
Remote patient monitoring dashboard
Ouva joined forces with the largest AI company, NVIDIA, to deliver the most advanced care automation solution to hospitals.
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Ouva dashboard showing a notification that patient mobility has decreased

Patient Monitoring

Keep an eye on every patient, measure all activity and behavior changes to ensure their safety.

Patient Flow Automation

Ensure that the room is ready for the next patient as soon as possible.
Patient flow automation dashboard cart
Remote patient monitoring infection control map

Infection Control

Reduce infection risks in real-time with surface contact monitoring and cleaner guidance.

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