Care Automation

AI-powered Fall Prevention

Keep an eye on every patient, measure all activity and behavior changes to ensure their safety.

  • 24/7 access to live patient data on every device.
  • Millisecond-level safety predictions.
  • Insights for top-performing workforce.


Keep at-risk patients safe without redundant observations.

95% of nurse teams are understaffed. Ouva AI preventatively monitors for safety issues, and in case they cannot be prevented, detects them for early intervention.

Prevent falls

AI models built on proprietary dataset prevent and detect falls.

Eliminate elopement

Know when high-risk patients leave their bedside without assistance.

Automated alert-handling

Resolves alerts when Ouva detects help has arrived.

Custom safety alerts

Pulling tubes, meddling with IV lines and more with minimal customization.

Ouva is helping hospitals and virtual care partners prevent falls.

Ouva is changing the caregiver experience worldwide. Solution providers also can leverage Ouva's developer platform to transform their offering with modern artificial intelligence.

A 1,000-bed medical center in the Netherlands automates patient mobility and injury prevention programs with Ouva to reduce excess days.

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