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Senior Backend Engineer

Apache Spark
Apache Flink
Apache Kafka

Have an engineering background? Use it to directly and ethically impact the experience of thousands of patients every day and around the world! We are looking for a Senior Backend Engineer who can realize production-level systems that support dashboards and tools that nurses and hospital administrators will use.

What You'll Do

Your contributions will significantly impact how hospitals deliver care for their patients, ultimately reducing the burden of healthcare workers while saving patients' lives.

In particular, you will design Ouva's backend infrastructure that receives streaming data from machine learning modules and processes and delivers it to web interfaces and other end devices. This means you can decide what languages and frameworks we will use, produce prototypes of your decisions, and ultimately build a minimal, working, production-quality system.


Salary. This position pays competitively in USD, regardless of where you live.

Flexible work day. We work remotely and asynchronously, which is why we are looking for a manager of one. Outside of a few meetings that will not interfere with your work day, you can schedule your own day. In a typical day, you can expect to:

  • Have a short check-in meeting with the team in the morning (around 9 AM).
  • Schedule your day as it works best for you, being available to your team members (in your timezone) as much as possible.
  • Once or twice a week, meet across all time zones towards the end of your work day (around 6 PM).

We can provide you with space outside of your home to work if you need to (e.g., co-working offices) or help get your home to be more accommodating to work.

21 days off. Time away from work is beneficial to keep a healthy work/life balance. We encourage everyone to take time off when needed and support each other to do the same.

  • We offer 21 days of paid time off plus national holidays every year. As a baseline, you should take 21 days off regardless. However, we do not track your days (except to ask you to take time off if you still need to). 
  • We don't track sick days. If you're not feeling well or just came out of a health procedure, take the time you need to feel better within reason.
  • If you are the primary caregiver of a new child, you can take up to 16 weeks' leave at 100% paid salary. If you are the secondary caregiver of a new child, you can take up to 4 weeks' leave at 100% paid salary. We will help you to get back to work and recommend easing into your work schedule towards the end of your leave.

Work equipment. We provide you with the top-of-the-line equipment you need to complete your work. You will receive your own laptop device of your choosing. If you need anything else to work comfortably, let us know.

Coming together. While we fully believe in remote work, we understand the benefits of meeting your teammates in person. Once a week, we make space for you to get together with the people from your town. Once or twice a year (and sometimes more), we get together as an entire team. We will provide accommodation and travel if needed.

Personal education. We will provide opportunities to help you deepen your understanding of your career and life. Improve your language skills with budgets for courses and 1-1 coaching lessons to move to the next stage in your career.

Who You Are

You're creative. You're organized. You're experienced. You've done this before. You want to do it again. You want to do it with us. We're not looking for a superhero who thinks mere hours = good work. Excess doesn't impress us – creativity and efficiency do. We hope you'll have 8 hours a day to work and at least 8 hours a night to sleep.

Then, you are an experienced software engineer with a deep understanding of building live, flexible data-driven systems. You care deeply about bringing your unique engineering mind into creating a considerate and sustainable team. You are autonomous - a manager of one. You will take full ownership of your work and assume responsibility for every detail at every step.


  • BS/MS in a Computer Engineering related field or equivalent experience,
  • 5+ years of professional experience in software development,
  • Solid experience with Java/SpringBoot and Python,
  • Understanding and practical experience in microservice development and event-based architectures,
  • Experience in message broker technologies (Apache Kafka),
  • Understanding of GoF patterns, SOLID principles, and OO concepts,
  • Knowledge of containerization (Docker, Docker Compose, Kubernetes),
  • Good knowledge of databases and data storage technologies (PostgreSQL, Redis),
  • Profound understanding of fundamental development technologies like JPA, OAuth, REST, JWT,
  • Experience and deep knowledge of AWS or other providers' infrastructure and code development process tools,
  • Experience with data streams processing frameworks such as Apache Spark and Apache Flink,
  • Experience with NoSQL technologies,
  • Code review experience and willingness,
  • Keen attention to detail,
  • A team player attitude and solid communication skills.

How To Apply

We want to get a sense of how you think and work. To that end, please be prepared to share with us your take on the following:

  • Tell us how you've previously developed a solution to streaming data challenges. How would you determine where we stand with our technology and where we should be?
  • Chart an example of a modern streaming backend stack that can support the needs of modern applications (for alerting, insight generation, and frontend interfaces).
  • What technologies inspired you recently? What backend technologies are you the most excited about?

We strongly encourage candidates of all different backgrounds and identities to apply. Each new hire is an opportunity to bring a different perspective, and we are always eager to diversify our company further. Ouva is committed to building an inclusive, supportive place for you to do the best and most rewarding work of your career.

We value great writers, so take your time with the application and put thought into your cover letter if you are writing one, but keep it to fewer than 1500 words. Tell us why you want this job, not just any job.

We can't wait to hear from you!

Some of the amazing people you will work wth:

Emre Kagan Akkaya, MSc.
Staff Backend Engineer
Aenor Sawyer, MD
Co-founder & Chief Medical Advisor
Cagdas Bas, Ph.D.
Staff Machine Learning Engineer
Aysun Kocak, Ph.D.
Staff Machine Learning Engineer
Kaan Ozdincer
Senior DevOps & Platform Engineer
To apply for this position, please send your resume, supplemental materials and letter to hello@ouva.co