Ouva Sensory Experiences Delight and Educate at Kaiser Permanente Roseville

Sarah is feeling overwhelmed. It is the 3rd day of her inpatient stay, which is longer than expected. She is a new parent and wants to be home with her child, but she is nervous. Worried about the new responsibilities taking care of a newborn requires. Her family can sense her unease. Sarah has not seemed herself. They decide to go for a walk. 

Sarah goes slowly and stares at the handcrafted paper trees and animals decorating the walls. As they walk, Sarah suddenly sees a flurry of colors. She lifts her hand, and the colors move with her. She smiles, intrigued by the interactive screen. In the low corner of the interactive display, she sees a message which seems designed just for her. It explains the resources the hospital has to offer for new mothers and their children. No one had mentioned this before, or maybe she had not noticed. She looks at her family and feels encouraged. She can do this and now she knows she has the support.

Kaiser Permanente Roseville

Kaiser Permanente Roseville Medical Center, located just outside of Sacramento, has teamed up with Ouva to improve the patient experience. The hospital has chosen to implement Ouva’s Sensory Experience to engage and educate patients. Using an interactive LED screen Ouva can provide relaxing scenery that responds to a person’s movements. Important educational information and facility updates can be displayed in an engaging format, improving message efficacy and patient satisfaction.


Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction is measured through the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS). Hospital reimbursement is impacted by these scores through the Hospital Value-Based Purchasing Program. Creating a relaxing environment, providing clear signage, and allowing access to appropriate education are all ways to improve patient satisfaction. Ouva provides these improvements with its sensory experience. With digital signage hospital messaging can be seamlessly delivered in a non-intrusive way.


Immersion and Interaction

Ouva interactive environments are designed through our research to create an immersive environment that promotes calming and positive behavior. Each gesture is designed with consideration for those with limited mobility, keeping interactions fluid and graceful. Another benefit of the Ouva Sensory Experience is the sense of time it provides to patients who do not have great views of the outdoors. During the day, the world is active and bustling with life and excitement. As the sun sets the world slows down and becomes a place to unwind and relax.


Smart Companions

The final part of the experience is the Ouva companions. Studies have shown companion characters can promote healing and help patients feel connected and supported. Through these companions, hospitals can provide customized messaging by patient or location. Messages can provide support, education, and guidance.

Measuring Patient Engagement

Ouva dashboard provides real-time metrics that impact the patient experience such as patient flow, time to care, and engagement. It generates actionable insights with appropriate course corrections to improve the efficiency of care and patient satisfaction.


Contact-free Solution

Bacteria can survive for months on the surface of a dry touchscreen device. Ouva is voice and gesture-activated to reduce the risk of spreading infection. The sensory experience requires no physical contact to initiate or use.

Outcomes for Patients and Health Systems

Patient satisfaction has evolved from simple diagnosis and treatment to providing an overall positive experience. Ouva Sensory Experience is a solution to creating a positive environment and providing clear messaging across facilities. Through patient engagement, Ouva is able to reduce perceived wait time, decrease anxiety and improve the overall patient experience. Our team constantly measures patient engagement which provides actionable insights that help us improve the patient experience. Based on this data, we provide new content on an ongoing basis.

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