Care Automation
October 6, 2021

Patient session-based access

We store each patient visit as a separate "patient session" from now on. That allows the dashboard (and patient live view) to always display the most up-to-date data related to the latest session and also opens up new possibilities for complex reporting in the upcoming patient history page.

Room & department views

Rooms and departments have their own view to list. Users with service role now can view create or update rooms and departments.

Other improvements

  • You can see when the alerts appeared and were resolved in the timeline widget.
  • Medical ID property added to patients for future matching with the hospital records.
  • Fall risk alert notification will also be triggered when a sitting patient gets up.
  • Some performance improvements regarding patient mobility and nurse rounding data.
  • Fixed an error regarding a patient action in mobility calculation.
  • Other minor bug fixes and system upgrades.