Virtual Assistant
May 17, 2021

This update brings a list of improvements to the map and speech interface and makes space for upcoming QR code/mobile release and voice capture improvements. We have replaced the old assistant interface with an improved one, and made several changes to the wayfinding system.

Readable directions

Verbal directions are now displayed on screen along with the route, in order to make it easier for people who prefer readable directions over maps.

Quick and clear suggestions

For first-time users, clear directions and suggestions are given for how to use the system.

Wayshowing routes

We have created permanent, color-coded wayshowing routes that display routes to chosen destinations. This allows visitors to quickly identify the way to common destinations without having to use voice or mobile directions.

Improved map display

  • New "You" icon with animation displays current location of the visitor.
  • Route moves with arrows along direction of travel for better comprehension.
  • Elevator stops along route are made easier to read.
  • Route labels use thicker characters for easier readability.

More assistant updates

  • Clearly animated voice interface with microphone sign.
  • Microphone pulses as more speech captured for more responsive feel.