Virtual Assistant
August 3, 2020

Suggestions to get started

Ouva will now display rotating suggestions after a few seconds for users to know how to get started.

Better route & map display

  • Improved map display with more color contrast
  • Clear & memorable steps along the route with landmarks
  • Simplified elevator destination floor display (previously would show in a long text).
  • Map labels get hidden instead of extending
  • Improved drawing of overlapping routes for better distinction
  • Route with elevator shows simplified intermediate floors
  • Ouva assistant moves with the map for more immersive display.

Clearer interface for viewing from distance

Here are all the related changes:

  • Ouva assistant and text is bigger and centered to capture attention.
  • The floor number is bigger and emphasized with color
  • Single color across floor and character to visually understand building from distance
  • Bigger and centered speech indicator

Other changes

  • Improved color template for better contrast
  • Improved rendering to make smoother lines
  • Bug fixes