Virtual Assistant
March 30, 2020

Search by suite number

You can now search by room or suite number. Here are a few examples:

  • “Where is suite 265?”
  • “I’m looking for patient room 310”

You can ask for locations in another building

As visitors may enter one building (e.g. from garage) while they need to get to another, they can now ask for a location combined with the building name as below:

  • “Where is the Spine ICU?”
  • “Heart building patient rooms”

Asking for a building takes you to lobby

If you ask for a specific building, you will now be taken to its lobby (if you are not in that building). If you are in the right building, Ouva will let you know.

Other updates

  • We have made animations smoother
  • Map now only shows the nearest exit sign to reduce clutter
  • Minor bug fixes.