Care Automation
July 19, 2023

In this update, we have made several quality-of-use improvements, increased Ouva performance and released some changes to the API for integration partners.

Application Changes

  • When you hover over the activity log events, you will see the complete time and date.
  • As you navigate Ouva, the browser titles change based on the page.
  • All date fields (e.g., entering patient birthdate) are localized to the region of your Ouva deployment. 


  • Fixed an issue with dashboard cards that didn't show some of the notifications. Now, inbox and dashboard cards are synchronized, showing the same alerts, so you can use either view and not miss anything.
  • Optimized activity log so it loads faster.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented room record updates.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented coordinate deletions when modifying room layout during configuration.


  • Improved APIs to return a more meaningful error response in case of an invalid JSON request payload so that third-party clients can handle these error more easily.
  • Developed new fetch-all and fetch-one endpoints for rooms, sensors, departments and patients.