Care Automation
February 4, 2022

Patient History

We released a brand new patient history page that displays all data from the previous patient stays. Administrators can identify past issues (e.g., falls, discharge delays) by reviewing the timeline of all events from all the beds patient has been admitted and transferred.

As we continue to add more insights by working together with nurses and physicians, here are a few things you can do today:

  • See if a patient hit daily mobility targets and distinguish between types of activity.
  • How much the patient needed nurse attention and how often nurse visits disrupted their sleep.
  • Identify delays between admit or transfer requests and patients' arrival into their beds.

New activity: Chair Sit

Ouva now detects chair sitting as a separate activity. You can see the new activity in the patient status and as a unique activity under mobility. Nurses can set additional alarms to alert nurses when high fall-risk patients leave the chair unattended.

Fixes & improvements

  • Color-coded events based on their severity in the timeline log.
  • Eliminated latency accumulation between video capture and pose display.
  • We now parse & validate GraphQL queries to defend against DoS attacks.
  • Improved readability by updating tables inside patients, rooms, and sensors pages with a striped pattern.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented admitting/transferring patients without reopening the drawer.
  • Reduced memory usage by improving service cleanup after patient discharge.
  • Fixed an issue that can result in a skipped pose event when there is an error related to patient session mode.
  • Fixed an issue that can nullify room reference keys of patient session records.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some services to consume more Garge Collection pause time & some thread context switching problems.