Care Automation
June 21, 2023

This update brings new changes enhancing data interperatability, user experience, improving system stability, and bolstering backend architecture for better scalability and redundancy.

  • Updated inbox to enhance interactivity and refine the user experience.
  • Today's mobility chart shows before the "all days" chart.
  • Resolved an issue causing the hourly mobility chart to wrongly display durations exceeding 60 minutes within an hour.
  • The total daily mobility now also shows above the daily mobility chart.
  • Improved stability of the room layout detection.
  • Fixed an issue that causes room layout detection to crash when only a tiny section of the equipment is detected.
  • Fixed a bug that caused ongoing staff visits not to get recorded as an activity record when the patient status goes into standby.
  • Added a configurable limit for the maximum number of simultaneous patient sessions to prevent system overload when Ouva runs on limited resources.
  • Configured backend architecture to work with multiple node clusters for redundancy and availability.
  • Updated tables in sensor, room, and patient record pages with a consistent page size changer display.
  • Optimized duration labels across all widgets to represent durations under a minute as "<1m"
  • Resolved an issue that prevented the display of a loading indicator on the patient view when navigating from one patient to another while within a patient page.