Care Automation
June 7, 2023

In this update, we have brought quality of use improvements to daily use of the Ouva platform.

Better charts

We have taken the feedback and made the charts more readable, ensuring clear visual distinction between different activity types and easier data interpretation.

Ongoing issues always visible

All ongoing events (e.g., bed leave alerts, bed turnover delays) are now pinned to the top of the activity log. This way, even if a warning has been active for a long time, you will see it when you visit the patient.

Fixes & improvements

  • Enhanced the Dutch translations in the web app
  • Fixed a bug that caused patient status to stay the same even after a patient left the room after a discharge.


  • Refactored all PUT/POST type of API endpoints to return the updated model object to allow for third-party integration clients to manipulate our data easily.