Care Automation
May 12, 2023

We are excited to announce the release of Ouva version 0.13, which includes several new features and improvements to enhance patient observation capabilities.

New Activity Detection Model

We have completely revamped our AI for capturing patient activity, built on years of research. We trained a completely new model, which now uses thousands of images collected over several years. We made it more robust and accurate, going beyond pose capture and allowing for the addition of new capabilities quickly. Furthermore, the updated model requires fewer hardware resources, making it even easier to scale AI across hospitals.

Better Room Layout Capture

Our upgraded room capture AI has increased performance and significantly higher accuracy. It automatically detects equipment such as beds and chairs, eliminating manual calibration and making it easier for your nurses to focus on patient care.

Faster UI

We have implemented optimistic updates in the web app for the department, notification, and patient records. This new method applies your changes immediately, improving the speed and efficiency of your interaction with the Ouva dashboard.

We have also fixed a bug that caused disconnection of the WebSocket on room transfers, ensuring a smoother experience for your caregivers.