Care Automation
April 13, 2023

In this update, we've added fall detection support, improved mobility widgets and API, enhanced app responsiveness and tracking performance, updated inbox UI, and fixed numerous bugs related to notifications, request handling, and UI display.


  • Added support for the fall detection alert in the app.
  • Improved mobility widget and chart labels.
  • Updated inbox color schemes.
  • Fixed a bug that breaks existing fall risk notification in case a fall detection critical alert is produced.
  • Fixed a bug that treats an active fall detection notification as a one-time activity record. It will be treated as an ongoing activity until manually resolved.
  • Made improvements to shorten delays between internal services.
  • Fixed a bug preventing requests from continuing after they fail.
  • Fixed a bug that crashes the app on some pages when a request fails.
  • Fixed a bug that retries to connect to the live view after it is closed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the app to send two requests for the same endpoint after one failed.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the inbox from expanding to the total available window height.
  • Fixed a bug where some requests show a success message when they fail.
  • Fixed a bug that causes admitted rooms in the dashboard to show the "admit patient" label.
  • Fixed a bug that prevents disabling inactive rooms on startup.
  • Made several improvements to the responsiveness of the web application.
  • Made several improvements to the overall tracking performance of the AI components.

API Improvements

  • Improved patient-session standby/resume endpoints to return error response when specified reference key is invalid or does not match any valid record.
  • Added versioning to all API endpoints to manage endpoint updates in future releases easily.