Care Automation
April 3, 2023

In this update, we've focused on enhancing the overall user experience by fixing various frontend and backend bugs, improving security measures, and optimizing performance. Key updates include:

Fixes and Improvements

  • Added admit patient button into the dashboard header
  • Fixed a bug that prevents creating a sensor record without a password and updating the password of an existing record.
  • Fixed a bug that displays wrong mobility value in the patient summary widget
  • Fixed a bug that allows users to provide sensor URL credentials within the URL input
  • Fixed a bug that allows the disabled delete button in the patient page header to show the confirmation popup.
  • Optimized database with the increased number of connections & shared buffers
  • Fixed a bug that caused a system error while resolving the notifications.
  • Fixed a bug that caused incorrect device offline notifications.
  • Improved API query performance.
  • Fixed various API errors that cause inconsistent database records (e.g., patient sessions without rooms)
  • Fixed a bug that caused an OK response on some API endpoints even though the related records never persisted.
  • API endpoints now always return the patient reference key and always require a reference key when starting a new patient session.
  • Developed new patient session standby and resume endpoints.

Security improvements

  • Disabled outside access to internal endpoints
  • Limited access to HTTP methods for the query API
  • Configured identity system to store end-user events for up to 3 days for security auditing.
  • Configured all backend services and identity services to require SSL for external connections.
  • Cleaned up all static URLs to prevent additional security bugs.
  • Fixed a possible security bug that may enable valid tokens without the required query role to access the query endpoint.
  • Developed audit tables for sensor and department changes.