Care Automation
September 5, 2022

User interface improvements

You can now see when a nurse or doctor last visited the patient. When a visit is in progress, you can see how long it has been.

  • Improved nurse visit chart shows the patient's entire day.
  • Updated patient view improving the widgets' layout, spacing, and sizing.
  • Improved Dutch translations.

Performance & precision improvements

We made several performance improvements to the entire platform.

  • An improved AI model that uses a greatly expanded dataset provides better hospital staff detection.
  • We made many improvements to the auto-detection of the room layout.
  • We now distribute beds evenly across the hardware to use the resources efficiently.
  • The room occupants list is now more stable thanks to a new algorithm that uses action recognition predictions.
  • Improved the rate of new data updates in the dashboard.

Security improvements

We have made several improvements to secure deployments further.

  • We moved all credentials out of the container files.
  • Added and configured authentication mechanism for in-memory database connections.
  • Sensors credentials are now entered in the application via separate username and protected password fields. We now encrypt and safely store the credentials using AES-256.
  • We disabled access to sensor credentials via any query to avoid exposure to outside access.

New service alerts

We have added new alerts from the services running on the Ouva platform. These notifications will allow our engineering team to respond to unforeseen issues rapidly.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Fixed an issue that causes notifications of a previous patient visit to show up in the dashboard.
  • Fixed a bug that can cause axis labels and ticks of the charts in the patient view to be partially blocked.
  • Fixed a bug that can display the wrong scale in the mobility charts.
  • Fixed a bug that causes invalid current and last visit duration in patient view.
  • Fixed an issue that disabled the incorrect services occasionally.
  • Added an availability flag to allow the web client to use one unified GQL query for all beds.
  • Improved error reporting within the application.