Care Automation
April 26, 2022

New integration: ADT & HL7

Ouva now integrates with the hospital ADT feeds to automatically receive the latest patient and bed requests. Ouva compares the requests to the actual live data it gathers from the bedside to predict and prevent patient flow delays.

Support for cloud streams

We have revamped our camera integration to support cloud telemonitoring applications. Now, running Ouva is as simple as entering a link to a camera web stream.

New API for better integrations

We have moved our entire API to the more efficient and flexible GraphQL. As one of the industry-standards, GraphQL is a modern framework that allows building complex and quick interactions.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Dashboard room cards now show full patient names or initials with a tooltip to show full patient names based on the length
  • Action prediction performance improved in misleading pose data cases.
  • All recorded test videos now loop automatically.
  • API error codes overhaul to give end-users and developers alike more information regarding any runtime issues.
  • Improved warnings and errors of the web application with more elaborate descriptions based on the response error codes
  • Improved staff recognition model with a new classification model.
  • Reduced clicks by automatically focusing on the first input field when opening forms.
  • Added version number and release notes link into the application side menu.
  • Fixed a bug that prevents mobility data of multiple days from showing up.
  • Fixed a bug that causes incorrect nurse visit counts.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes causes some notifications to disappear.
  • Fixed a bug that causes an empty occupancy card even though there are people in the room.
  • Fixed a bug regarding connection pooling that causes database connection errors while scaling services.
  • Added additional security measure by adding basic authentication for Kafdrop.
  • Now supporting read-only privileges for externalized services by upgrading databases to Postgres 14.
  • Fixed a bug that causes nurse rounding notifications even though the patient session is put on standby mode.
  • Fixed a bug that prevents existing nurse rounding notifications from being canceled when the patient session is put on standby mode.
  • Long-form fields like the sensor URL field in the sensor form have clear all button.
  • Improved patient history page layout.
  • Fixed an issue that shows discharge labels instead of room numbers in the patient stages widget.
  • Fixed an issue that showed cached data of the previous patient on the patient page while waiting for the current patient query.
  • Increased browser compatibility by using Firefox ESR as the minimum modern browser target.
  • Fixed a bug that causes inconsistent polling durations and query params for the nurse rounding query on the patient page
  • Various other minor fixes and improvements.