Monash Children’s Hospital launches with latest Ouva solution for welcoming patients

Monash Children’s Hospital is a network of Victorian pediatric healthcare services across Monash Medical Centre (Clayton), Dandenong Hospital and Casey Hospital. It’s one of Australia’s leading providers of integrated children’s health services, with more than 30 specialist services and programs and caring for more than 100,000 children every year. Monash Children’s Hospital is part of Monash Health, Victoria’s largest healthcare service and one of only four accredited Academic Health Science Centres in Australia. The 230-bed brand new facility opened its doors on April 19th, 2017.

“The wall’s an amazing introduction. It’s great to see the smiles on the children’s faces as they play with the animals and make rainbows. It makes the hospital a very exciting and welcoming environment which makes them feel at ease.” — Nick Freezer, Medical Director at Monash Children's Hospital

A Magical Start to Healing Journey

For the brand new facility, Monash design team wanted to create an environment that is designed for the needs of their young patients and loved ones - a facility that empowers patients and delivers one of a kind wellness journey. It’s crucial to set the tone and convey the values of the hospital right when patients step into the built space. When the Ouva design team first received the architectural plans of the installation, they were impressed by the large spacious lobby/entrance area and common public spaces with seating areas of high occupancy. Ouva team proposed the immersive video wall configuration option with the 3D directional soundscape to capture visitor’s attention, engage, and invite them into a magical landscape where they can be in control of their experience.

Ouva video wall installation at Monash Children's Hospital lobby
Ouva video wall installation at Monash Children's Hospital lobby 

Precise Control using Body and Gestures

The engaging high-resolution scenery and friendly characters welcome visitors and interact with them as soon as they step into the interactive zone. Visitors use their bodies and gestures to interface with this magical experience that extends the boundaries of imagination and physical space. This ever-changing Living Garden allows each visitor to create and nurture their unique plants through engineered plant DNA system. By combining different seeds, visitors can generate one of a kind plants which then they will get to nurture by pouring water on them when it rains or reflecting sunshine on them by using their bodies when the sun is out. 

Mixing plants to generate new types of plants
Mixing plants to generate new types of plants using genetic coding.

Seamless Transition

This virtual land is synced with the time in Melbourne in order to complement the sunlight beaming through tall windows in the atrium. This creates a seamless transition into the digital world designed to enlighten and support patients throughout the healing journey.

Various 3D characters in Ouva interactive experience

“We are very proud to get work with one of the leading health systems in Australia,” said Dogan Demir, CEO of OUVA. “It’s Ouva’s first collaboration in Australia, and we look forward bringing our intelligent, comprehensive patient experience to other impact areas of the facility shortly in order to better assist patients, measurably improve the care efficacy and satisfaction.” 

"To see a child’s face light up when they enter the atrium and then run over to see what it is and start to interact, its just lovely" — Kym Forrest, General Manager, Monash Children's Hospital 

Smart Ouva sensors track and measure patient experience metrics such as mood, physical activity, traffic, engagement, and interaction times to inform facility managers. Ouva dashboard provides complete reports of the patient experience metrics as well as actionable insights to further enhance the patient care and comfort.

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