Lakeland Regional Health Chooses Ouva to Comfort New Pediatric Patients

Lakeland Regional Health Hospital located in Lakeland Florida chooses Ouva’s latest patient engagement solution to improve patient communication, education and their involvement in their care experience.

The fully sensory, interactive experiences create a calming, relaxing and entertaining environment through immersive sceneries and soundscape that is designed to enhance engagement. Ouva sensors monitor and measure patient activity, engagement and behavior to asses the efficacy of the provided solution and to further inform the future upgrades. By using data analyzed from multiple facilities, Ouva understands what interactions work for best to comfort patients.

Ouva sensory experience display in Lakeland Regional Health Hospital in Florida.

Various experiences cycle throughout the week to accommodate for an everlasting journey for the returning patients and visitors. As the Ouva team, we are very proud to include Lakeland Hospital to our long healthcare partner list and look forward to our collaboration to further elevate patient experience and satisfaction.

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