Miller Children’s Hospital Adopts Touch-free Ouva Sensory Experience

Hospitals can be frightening and stress-inducing environments, especially for children. Miller’s Children’s Hospital, one of eight free-standing children’s hospitals in California, treats over 8,000 children a year and strives to deliver the highest quality healthcare to its patients. In an effort to develop a more kid-friendly facility, the Miller Children’s Hospital in Long Beach, California has adopted Ouva’s award-winning, touch-free Sensory Experience to foster a relaxing, engaging, and enticing experience for patient satisfaction.


Brand new experience, measurable, touch-free AI

Equipped with measurable, touch-free AI, the Ouva Sensory Experience provides a contact-free solution to hospital waiting room stress by providing an immersive experience and sensory display that patients can interact with while in the waiting room. 


Immersion and Interaction

With the Ouva Sensory Experience, patients can escape into a lively, colorful world that can alleviate anxiety and promote healing. The Ouva interactive sensory wall features 3D natural environments like a sunny forest or a deep-sea ecosystem and uses optical sensors to detect human movement. Engaging with these responsive environments relaxes patients and stimulates their senses as light and water trails follow patients’ movements when they move in front of the screen. Gestures are designed with limited mobility in mind to accommodate all types of patients.

Smart Companions

Ouva’s immersive sensory experience also features animated smart companions called Sprites, which contribute to the experience by demonstrating playful tactics and dropping magical elements. Sprites can also support patients by answering questions and making conversation, allowing patients to feel connected and supported. This feature is especially helpful for children who may feel lonely or afraid in hospital settings.



Measuring Patient Engagement

Ouva measures engagement by providing real-time metrics such as patient flow, time to care, and engagement. It generates actionable insights with appropriate course corrections to improve the efficiency of care and patient satisfaction..



Contact-free Solution

Voice-activated and gesture-activated, the Ouva interactive sensory wall prevents the spread of bacterial transmission and keeps patients entertained without putting their well-being at risk.

Outcomes for Patients and Health Systems

Interactive environments made possible by Ouva play a substantial role in patient healing and contribute to decreased length of stay and increased patient and staff satisfaction.

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