Children’s National selects Ouva platform powered by machine learning

Newly renovated Children's National Medical Clinic adopted Ouva to enhance the waiting experience in their pediatric dental clinic in Washington, DC, USA. Being one of the best dental programs in the nation, the clinic treats over 10.000 patients every year, and nearly 50% of the patients have special needs that require expert care.

The waiting room, outfitted with Ouva sensory system, provides a gracious arrival experience that is welcoming, embracing and inviting. It creates a personalized space for patients that make them feel safe and in control with their care experience. It is designed to encourage social interaction and collaboration. The experience extends the waiting space to speak to the community and share a brand story that’s authentic, relevant, and cohesive.

Smart Sensing for Optimal Patient Engagement

Ouva is composed of multiple innovative technologies working together in real time to create a cognitive, intelligent and personal experience. New Ouva sensors analyze patient experience metrics captured through visual sensors to optimize engagement and satisfaction. Additionally, it tracks and measures traffic, interaction times, patient mood using the power of machine learning. Ouva learns from patient's feedback and activity to adapt over time to the facility.

Children's National Medical Center waiting area with Ouva screen

The clinic will benefit from Ouva's reporting capabilities, specifically of the waiting experience metrics with actionable insights that highlight the areas that demand most attention to improve care efficiency and patient satisfaction. With the upcoming update in October, the sensors will be able to capture wait times and clinic cycle times, as well as provide new smart messaging & education module with numerous new sensory experiences which will further enhance the patient care at the dental clinic.

“We are honored to be serving the community of Children's National Medical Center,” said Dogan Demir, CEO of OUVA. “Institutions like CNMC understand that improving the environment to be more comfortable and flexible for its patients enhance their care, in turn leading to better clinical outcomes and higher patient satisfaction rates. We are extremely excited to add CNMC to our growing network of innovative healthcare leaders.”

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