AvaSure and Ouva partner to improve patient monitoring with AI

AvaSure, an acute virtual sitting and virtual nursing solutions provider, has partnered with Ouva, a technology firm specialising in artificial intelligence (AI)-powered patient observation.

The collaboration aims to integrate Ouva’s AI capabilities into the AvaSure TeleSitter solution, with the goal of improving patient monitoring and optimising care services, especially amid widespread healthcare staffing shortages.

According to AvaSure, its TeleSitter technology comprises mobile or fixed room devices with versatile hardware, allowing virtual safety attendants to have complete visibility within the room, including tracking small details such as the status of a pulse oximeter.

Ouva’s cloud-based AI platform will monitor bedside activities through AvaSure’s virtual care and safety devices, delivering real-time insights and alerts, without the need for additional hardware installations at the bedside.

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