Infection Control

Reduce infection risks in real-time with surface contact monitoring and cleaner guidance.
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Guide cleaners with contaminated area maps

Contact with surface areas are measured throughout each patient's stay. Heatmap of the most contaminated areas are presented to the cleaners to achieve full hygiene compliance.

Detect contact with patient and surroundings

System detects staff's interaction with patient and surroundings such as bed rail and bodily fluids. Upon such activity, staff members receive real-time reminders to re-sanitize their hands.

Analyze hand hygiene quality

Monitor duration and quality of hand sanitization process with realtime metrics.

Guide to Implementing AI in Healthcare Facilities

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Annually, 2 million patients suffer from healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) in the USA, and nearly 90,000 are estimated to die. The overall direct cost of HAIs to hospitals ranges from US $28B to $45B.
* Stone PW. Economic burden of healthcare-associated infections: an American perspective.
savings per year for 100-bed facility

Deliver care at scale.

Centrally monitor and guide thousands of patients and precisely tune your operation for maximum efficiency and outcomes.

Evidence-based Outcomes

Powerful solutions to the most critical care challenges.
Driven by smart infrastructure for entire patient journey.
Improve hygiene compliance
Reduce Hospital Acquired Infections
Reduce cost of treatment
Improve patient & staff satisfaction

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