Care Automation

Release Notes

New updates and improvements to Ouva.

Care Automation 0.8.2

Doors in Live View

Live view now visualizes the doors in the room.


Patient selection field in dashboard and room selection field in patients table now have autocomplete search.

Fixes & improvements

  • Segmentation service supports a higher range of GPU architectures allowing facilities to choose from more variety of hardware.
  • There is a new maximum attempt limit for user login as an extra security measure.
  • Fixed a bug that stops the entire Machine Learning pipeline.
  • Configured all of the Machine Learning services to fetch their configuration from a central service.
  • All communication between services are now validated before processing.

Care Automation 0.8.1

Patient View

  • Fixed multiple bugs preventing room assets from drawing in the patient view.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Timeline messages that don't conform to patient risk flags.
  • Fixed a bug that caused duplicate risk messages in the timeline card.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented notifications from cancellation when a new visitor entered the room.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the live view to stop when the same end-user with a different session leaves the patient view from another browser tab.
  • Fixed a bug that caused "patient arrived" timeline messages to be out of order, sometimes.
  • Fixed a race condition that cancels the room's first patient notification.
  • Improved room layout detection: Partial object detection is eliminated.
  • Improved patient status detection when patient is sitting on the bed.
  • Improved the stability of the room occupancy.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented fall & wander risk alerts not showing up in the notifications card.
  • Fixed a bug that shows invalid 12h format instead of 24h in nurse rounding chart records.
  • Fix invalid occupant count on patient view.
  • Improved live view pose drawing.
  • Fixed a bug where patient page keeps polling for widgets after patient is fully discharged.
  • Added department and room number to the patient information section in patient view.

Staff Detection

  • Improved staff detection with a new ML model.
  • Fixed a bug that causes a patient is detected as hospital staff.


  • Fixed and added missing Dutch translations.
  • Fixed missing localization keys for the risk and status filters in patients administration page.
  • Made web client place surname first depending on region and localization configuration.

Other Changes & Fixes

  • Added Medical ID field to the patient profile.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented searching by case-insensitive patient name.
  • Fixed a bug that dismisses the dropdown menu during network updates in patients and beds administration page.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed a room to be deleted even if there is a sensor associated with it.
  • Improved overall web app network performance.
  • Added a redirection to dashboard when patient is discharged and left the room to avoid misleading information.
  • Made all notification messages have session information to allow us to query by old sessions that are going to be used in the patient history view.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented releasing resources after discharging a patient.
  • Added message retry mechanism to handle failed messages properly.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some services to wait indefinitely when an advertised port in the config was wrong.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the home view to miss some replication records after a database restart.
  • Upgraded the identity and access management solution to include various fixes regarding LDAP user sync and user authentication mechanisms.

Care Automation 0.7.1

  • 'Force leave' button is now visible for all users.
  • Some further performance improvements made regarding nurse rounding data.
  • Delete actions are implemented for department view and room view.
  • Other minor bug fixes and system upgrades.

Care Automation 0.7.0

Patient session-based access

We store each patient visit as a separate "patient session" from now on. That allows the dashboard (and patient live view) to always display the most up-to-date data related to the latest session and also opens up new possibilities for complex reporting in the upcoming patient history page.

Room & department views

Rooms and departments have their own view to list. Users with service role now can view create or update rooms and departments.

Other improvements

  • You can see when the alerts appeared and were resolved in the timeline widget.
  • Medical ID property added to patients for future matching with the hospital records.
  • Fall risk alert notification will also be triggered when a sitting patient gets up.
  • Some performance improvements regarding patient mobility and nurse rounding data.
  • Fixed an error regarding a patient action in mobility calculation.
  • Other minor bug fixes and system upgrades.

Care Automation 0.6.1

Minor Improvements

  • Dutch translation improvements.
  • Last name is shown before first name based on the platform region.

Care Automation 0.6.0

🗣️ Multiple-language Support

Starting with Dutch, Ouva dashboard now is enabled in multiple languages, including specific rules (gender rules, plural rules) and local date format support.

Care Automation 0.5.0

This is the first, versioned release of our platform beta.

Role-based access

We have completed role-based access functionality for our dashboard. This feature is developed with the least-privileged access methodology in mind. Currently, there are two roles: User and Service. The users without the Service role will not be able to access technical functionality such as Force-Leave, Sensor configuration and others.

Other improvements

  • You can track visitor entrance/exits in the timeline.
  • You cannot delete patients who are currently admitted to a bed.
  • Other minor bug fixes and system upgrades.