Care Automation

Release Notes

Care Automation 0.6.1

August 16, 2021

Minor Improvements

  • Dutch translation improvements.
  • Last name is shown before first name based on the platform region.
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Care Automation 0.6.0

August 6, 2021

🗣️ Multiple-language Support

Starting with Dutch, Ouva dashboard now is enabled in multiple languages, including specific rules (gender rules, plural rules) and local date format support.

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Care Automation 0.5.0

August 3, 2021

This is the first, versioned release of our platform beta.

Role-based access

We have completed role-based access functionality for our dashboard. This feature is developed with the least-privileged access methodology in mind. Currently, there are two roles: User and Service. The users without the Service role will not be able to access technical functionality such as Force-Leave, Sensor configuration and others.

Other improvements

  • You can track visitor entrance/exits in the timeline.
  • You cannot delete patients who are currently admitted to a bed.
  • Other minor bug fixes and system upgrades.
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