Virtual Assistant

Release Notes

Assistant 3.2.1

Mobile Navigation ✨

With this update, we have brought Ouva wayfinding to mobile devices. Scan the QR code the screen and take the same 3D wayfinding experience on the go - no app needed.

Assistant 3.0.1

Increased Sensitivity

This update increases detection of user presence in front of the screens.

  • System waits for 15 seconds before stopping to listen for input after the user leaves.
  • Sensor will activate after less movement to mitigate the issues happening from users not moving while interacting.

Assistant 3.0.0

This update brings a list of improvements to the map and speech interface and makes space for upcoming QR code/mobile release and voice capture improvements. We have replaced the old assistant interface with an improved one, and made several changes to the wayfinding system.

Readable directions

Verbal directions are now displayed on screen along with the route, in order to make it easier for people who prefer readable directions over maps.

Quick and clear suggestions

For first-time users, clear directions and suggestions are given for how to use the system.

Wayshowing routes

We have created permanent, color-coded wayshowing routes that display routes to chosen destinations. This allows visitors to quickly identify the way to common destinations without having to use voice or mobile directions.

Improved map display

  • New "You" icon with animation displays current location of the visitor.
  • Route moves with arrows along direction of travel for better comprehension. ->->->
  • Elevator stops along route are made easier to read.
  • Route labels use thicker characters for easier readability.

More assistant updates

  • Clearly animated voice interface with microphone sign.
  • Microphone pulses as more speech captured for more responsive feel.

Assistant 2.3.1


Ouva will now display announcements set for each device on the dashboard. There is currently no limitation on length, but we recommend maximum 140 characters for readability.

Assistant 2.3.0

Suggestions to get started

Ouva will now display rotating suggestions after a few seconds for users to know how to get started.

Better route & map display

  • Improved map display with more color contrast
  • Clear & memorable steps along the route with landmarks
  • Simplified elevator destination floor display (previously would show in a long text).
  • Map labels get hidden instead of extending
  • Improved drawing of overlapping routes for better distinction
  • Route with elevator shows simplified intermediate floors
  • Ouva assistant moves with the map for more immersive display.

Clearer interface for viewing from distance

Here are all the related changes:

  • Ouva assistant and text is bigger and centered to capture attention.
  • The floor number is bigger and emphasized with color
  • Single color across floor and character to visually understand building from distance
  • Bigger and centered speech indicator

Other changes

  • Improved color template for better contrast
  • Improved rendering to make smoother lines
  • Bug fixes

Assistant 2.2.0

Activate search by staff names

You can now search by staff name. Here are a few examples:

  • “Kamala Tamirissa”
  • “I want to see Dr. Tamirissa?”
  • “Where is Dr. Tamirissa’s office?”

Paths with accessibility categories

We have added categorizations to paths as below.

  • Available - Accessible by everyone.
  • Unavailable - Temporarily not accessible.
  • Unauthorized - Require staff authorization.

In a planned future update, Ouva will let the person know that to get to an unauthorized destination, they need to check in with staff.

Simpler, shorter phrases on screen

We have updated phrases to be shorter.

Search by floor

You can now narrow your search by floor. Here are a few examples:

  • “2nd floor conference room”
  • “4th floor patient rooms”
  • “Take me to 3rd floor nurse station”

You can combine it with building names as well.

  • “2 north conference room”

Search by room number

You can search by room numbers in any available suite. If the room location is known, it will take you there, otherwise it will take you to the suite. Here are a few examples:

  • “216”
  • “Do you know here suite 216 is?”
  • “Take me to 216”

Asking for suite shows range of room numbers

When you ask for a suite, it will now show the range of rooms in that suite next to its name.

Assistant 2.1.0

Search by suite number

You can now search by room or suite number. Here are a few examples:

  • “Where is suite 265?”
  • “I’m looking for patient room 310”

You can ask for locations in another building

As visitors may enter one building (e.g. from garage) while they need to get to another, they can now ask for a location combined with the building name as below:

  • “Where is the Spine ICU?”
  • “Heart building patient rooms”

Asking for a building takes you to lobby

If you ask for a specific building, you will now be taken to its lobby (if you are not in that building). If you are in the right building, Ouva will let you know.

Other updates

  • We have made animations smoother
  • Map now only shows the nearest exit sign to reduce clutter
  • Minor bug fixes.

Assistant 2.0.3

This version improves voice capture performance

Assistant 2.0.2

This update resolves a critical bug that caused the system to crash upon asking a question.

Assistant 2.0.1

Announcement display released

Search by doctor's name 👨‍⚕️

If you are going to a doctor’s office, you can search by the name of the staff. If set up for your facility, Ouva will navigate you directly to the office, otherwise it will take you to front desk for further help.

Search by room numbers 🔢

If you know the suite number you are going to, you can ask Ouva for it.

Other Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixes to the recognition of queries.
  • Stairs are now displayed on the map.
  • Automatic detection and resolution of microphone issues
  • Distinction between cafeteria and coffee shop: Asking for "starbucks", "drink" etc. will take you to coffee shop. while asking for "food" will take you to the cafeteria.
  • New locations added to the map.