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Children's Hospital of Richmond Pavilion

Ouva interactive patient experience suite for the Children's Hospital of Richmond Pavilion.

‍The 640,000-square-foot Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU is home to four new interactive wellness experiences developed by OUVA. OUVA designed interactive wellness environments in collaboration with CHoRP's design, medical and executive teams. Throughout four floors, the James River theme provides a continuous, interactive patient experience enabled by the latest display and motion capture technologies.

“We are very pleased to see that the most advanced outpatient facility dedicated to children in the region has adopted OUVA to improve their patient experience. It was a delight to see the work of our close collaboration come to fruition, and we applaud their eagerness to bring the latest technology and design to the Richmond community," said Metin Nacar, COO of OUVA.

‍Integrated Patient Experience for Care

Patients, families and staff can play with the catfish, engage with the soothing water or feel immersed in a hike in the woods, all complete with magical interactions that bring familiar elements of the region into a new experience. The variety of wildlife, plant life and scenery along the river provides the perfect backdrop to promote calmness, healthy movement and joy through discovery. “The James River interactive floor on the Sky Lobby level of our new Children’s Pavilion is capturing the imagination of young and old. Little children squeal with delight as the fish swim about, and the crabs and turtle show up when least expected." said Leslie Wyatt, SVP, Children's Services and Executive Director of the facility.

"Adults step onto the interactive floor as well and comment on the types of fish and chase them much like the children. It is so much fun to watch the joy and to see parents and kids pause as they enter the building, or even when they are departing, to play for a little while. From the Four Seasons interactive wall to the River floor and the motion trails the OUVA units are entertaining our patients, visitors and staff,” she added.

‍OUVA creates wellness platforms that support patients through physical and mental challenges of hospitalization including restricted freedom, painful procedures, and unfamiliar settings. Its touch-free products serve all ages and promote emotions of wonder and joy - the magical environments allow patients to interact with imaginary worlds by moving their bodies. OUVA is one of the leaders in the field of health supported by intelligent systems, with products serving thousands of patients nationwide.

Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU (CHoR) is Central Virginia's only comprehensive, full-service hospital dedicated to the care of children. CHoR is ranked among the nation's top children's hospitals by U.S. News and World Report and is Virginia’s only Level 1 pediatric trauma center. CHoR provides pediatric inpatient and outpatient services that cover nearly all children's health-related needs. As part of VCU Health, CHoR is committed to ensuring access to care for all children, training future pediatric caregivers and making new discoveries that improve understanding and treatment of childhood diseases. For more, see

Evidence-Based Wellness

Our platforms allow for real-time health data and biofeedback to coincide, connecting doctor and patient, and connecting our everyday lives. This enables personalized care based on preference, condition and demographic. This demonstrates our proprietary technology and years of experience in sensing, assessment and engagement for the pursuit of improved wellness experience and care.

With our recent platform upgrade, staff at CHoRP enjoys benefits of a complete evidence-based wellness suite with monthly analytic reports generated automatically. This data provides insight into traffic and flow at four different floors, as well as identifying popular features among experiences created for the facility.

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